Community Programs

  • Mental Health Friendly Congregation: Is a comprehensive, systematic, field tested program design that includes a set of specific strategies for the development of an effective partnership between the African American faith-based and spiritual communities, County Behavioral Health Care Services, Mental Health Agencies, and organizations by capitalizing on the role of the church/congregation as a cultural community, historical institution and as a natural and spiritual support for BHCS clients/consumers and their families.

  • Summer Algebra Program: We have been approved as the East Bay site for the Cal State University’s Summer Algebra Program (SAI). This is an incredible opportunity for Jr. High school students and below grade level freshmen to receive 6 weeks of intensive and culturally responsive teaching and tutoring in Algebra – The program is FREE   CSU-SAI Customizable Student App with link App2 2017

 For more information contact: Dr.  James Valdespino  510 505-1730  or email:


  • The Over-comers Recovery Program is not solely for those facing drug and alcohol challenges. It is for anyone struggling in any area (mental health, abuse, etc) of his or her life. We teach Christian principles that each individual can apply to their challenges.  Participants find healing and answers to problems that have plagued them for periods of their lives. Students look to mentor new students that come into their class. The recovery program takes individual responsibility approach in that each individual is primarily responsible for their own healing relative to their area of struggle. What our recovery ministry does is direct the individual towards principles and proper steps towards healing.
  • The Computer Training Program will offer computer training from entry-level word processing to spreadsheet and databases. Our desire is to provide quality computer training for individuals looking to improve current skills, reenter the work force or learn more about computers.  The Tri-Cities Computer Training Series is an addition to program/services needs we deliver to our community based on need, request and community survey data from our Dollies Closet constituents. This program is in partnership with local IT businesses to furnish equipment and technology needs for the classroom(s).
  • Dollie’s Closet: The center opened in 1998 a clothes closet. Since it’s initiation Dollies closet has become a pilot model for other organizations in the bay area offering free food and gently used and sometimes-new clothing to families in need. The Closet is coordinated one hundred percent volunteer bases from church groups, senior citizen groups. Local business employees and other individual volunteers. The Center serves over 500 families and provides over 9000 meals each month. Contact Robin Woodard – Director @ 510 505-1744
  • J-CE Outreach (Jobs, Careers and Education):  Students will complete the  ten-week class and develop all the necessary employment skills, thereby becoming assets to the organizations that we are going to send them to work within. We will provide training in the areas of parenting, nutrition, computer skills, finance, health, morals, interviewing skills, and job seeking skills.
  • Youth Development: all individuals who participate in the program, which  will receive adequate time to interface with a counselor concerning whatever issues they may be facing. This time of counseling will be ongoing and encouraged as long as the counselor felt the need for additional help for the counselee.